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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

Dustin Fang ’20
Liz Torrey


Hometown: Newark, Delaware

Favorite Class/Team/Club/Activity: The cross-country team was my favorite. My coaches and fellow runners taught me about self-improvement and resilience. Going camping and running alongside my friends during pre-season were some of the best experiences I had. 

Recall in a Decade: Meeting new people and all the spontaneous moments I had with them will be in my mind for years to come. I remember fort-building during crew pre-season out by Possum Point and mountain-biking one weekend with no prior experience but with a good teacher and some friends. I’ll remember board game nights every Saturday. The spontaneous moments where my friends and I jumped in to whatever was going on, with no hesitation, are the experiences that will stick with me. 

Advice to Underclassmen & Future Students: The most important thing I would tell them would be to have faith in themselves. It goes beyond being confident or believing in your abilities. It really extends to preventing how others look at you or what others say to you affect what you’re doing day to day. Keep your focus on the goals you have set and don’t doubt what you feel is important to get done. Don’t waste your time on activities that don’t make you happy or improve your skills. Remember you’re worth more than that.