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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

Bwembya Tembo ’20
Liz Torrey


Hometown: Centreville, Virginia

What I miss the most Due to Virtual Term: I really really love Open Mic Nights. I’ve only performed once at an Open Mic Night in all my time here, but it’s not the rush of performing that draws me to them. Before I performed, I was seated in a row with some kids in my grade and some kids in the grade above us. Some of us had blankets, but we had stretched them to their max length so that two or three people could use one blanket. We laughed A LOT, cuddled, swayed to the sound of these really good faculty kids sing their hearts out, and would FREAK OUT if one of us went up to perform. I miss being able to walk into Englehard and literally feel the excited energy radiating off of us. I miss being able to obnoxiously point to Steph and blow her kisses whenever some lovey-dovey touching song came on just to see her roll her eyes. I miss being able to scream "Mr. Brightside" at the base of the stage while Dante and Owen jump around erractically and Jeffery's hair flops as he nods his head. I just miss the overwhelming feeling of community and the warmth our energy brought during these Open Mic Nights.

Powerful Experience: When I came to St. Andrew's, I thought it was going to be extremely hard to make friends because I’d never really been a  "conventional person". Looking back on it, I was a little "cringey," but honestly, who wasn’t. I KNEW I felt comfortable here.

Advice to Underclassmen & Future Students: You're always growing. I promise. I'm sure you've heard countless times that we, at St. Andrew's, live in a bubble. When you hear this so often, it can get really hard to believe that you're not in one, especially when you always see the same people and do the same kinds of things every day. We're a very forward-thinking, and forward-moving, school and I understand that it may be hard to see or believe that you're becoming a more dynamic person but I promise you it's true. When you're really close to being done with SAS, you're going to look back and truly think "I am in SUCH a different place than I was when I started my time here." I believe that everyone who comes to St. Andrew's was meant to come here for one reason or another, and it changes them for the better in so many ways. It'll change you too, just let it happen and PLEASE don't rush.