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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

Billy Ewles ’20
Liz Torrey


Hometown: Paget, Bermuda

Favorite SAS memory/tradition/place: My favorite SAS tradition must be the opening night Square Dance and Open Mic. It is such a goofy experience where everyone truly escapes their comfort zone and has an absolute blast. 

Powerful Experience: It was a warm, spring, Sunday afternoon when Mr. DeSalvo and his dog came down to join me on the T-Dock as I was playing guitar. He sat there with me as we played and sung through song after song throughout the afternoon and into the early evening. It was such a peaceful and calming moment with a slight breeze in the air, happy voices playing volleyball in the background, and Mr. DeSalvo's dog occasionally barking. 

Recall in a Decade: The incredible friendships that develop here are what will stick with me most, and in particular, my relationships with my roommates. I have had the absolute privilege to get to room with some of the most genuine, thoughtful, and incredible people I have ever known. Every single moment I had in the quad freshman year (with Messiah, Wade, and James), my double sophomore year (with Jeffrey), and the triple my junior and senior years (with Wade and James) will stay with me throughout my entire life. The games played, the advice shared, the conversations had, and the genuine love for each other has truly shaped me into the person I am, and will forever keep me connected to St. Andrew's. 

Three Words to describe SAS: Family, home, love.

Advice to Underclassmen & Future Students: St. Andrew's is so much more than just classes. Be bold, take risks, play four square on the front lawn, make a new friend, join a new club, try a new sport, don’t take yourself too seriously, go for a hike, play a game with your roommates, walk to town, GO OUTSIDE! But most of all, treasure every moment like it is the last moment, because these are the good days.