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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

Alyse Ray ’20
Liz Torrey


Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Favorite Class/Team/Club/Activity: Rowing crew at St. Andrew’s holds a special place in my heart. Everyone on the team is motivated by their love for the sport and each other. Not only did Mama Lou, Mr. Berl, and Eliza help me find a deep love for crew, but they are also a source of empowerment for me outside of the boat. I owe a debt of gratitude to my coaches and team for helping me reach the next chapter in my rowing career. 

What I miss the most Due to Virtual Term: I miss my advisory the most. Mr. Rehrig is an extraordinary teacher and person. He gives all of his attention and love to his advisory and students. My experience at St. Andrew’s would not be complete without Mr. Rehrig and the connections I made with my advisory. I will never forget our card games, strange videos, and eating Mr. Rehrig’s whipped cream with a side of his homemade ice cream. I am so grateful for the moments I had with my fellow advisees and Nahla. 

Favorite SAS memory/tradition/place: My fondest memories at SAS are the moments I spent outdoors. This year Spencer and I took a canoe to watch the sunset. I also went camping in Will Rob’s backyard with Christine, Will Cook, and Spencer. We all sat around a fire and talked until it was too cold, then went to our tents. St. Andrew’s scenery is so beautiful, but holds the most meaning when shared with people I love. 

Powerful Experience: I have always been terrified of running, but my sophomore year I tried cross-country. I despised the sport, but only because I did not go in with an open mind—but the team was so special that I finished the season. My senior year I decided to run again, because I felt like I denied myself an experience that I didn’t fully embrace the first time. I was given one last opportunity, so I took it and ran with it, literally. I might not be fast, but I truly enjoyed myself. It was really incredible being able to turn something I hated so deeply into something I care about and now really enjoy. To me this is powerful because the team promoted an atmosphere that fostered humility, authentic relationships, and loyalty, despite varying speeds.