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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

2021 Virtual Toast Recap
Liz Torrey

Our 2021 Virtual Toast spawned quite a few Class Zooms—and quite a few lively comments and memories shared on the main Toast Zoom with Tad, Elizabeth, and members of the Class of 2021! Here are a selection:

"I wonder if these VI Formers know how long the friendships that they've formed will last. Some of us who were II Formers in 1970 still see each other and speak as if it were yesterday." 
-Ralph Neel ’75

“So excited for you seniors! All of us alumni will continue to lift you up and cheer you on through this transition and for years to come! And same goes for you, Tad and Elizabeth, in your upcoming transition and for years to come!”
-Gail Wright ’84

"Thank you seniors for sharing so much of your amazing experiences—soak it all in! Tad and Elizabeth, thank you for hosting this and sharing all of your reflections—it's incredible how you have and still KNOW us. It feels amazing and students and alums to be known and seen by you!"
-Dana Daugherty ’06
When students were asked who their favorite visiting speakers were during their time at SAS:
Gail Wright ’84: Incredible tradition—I remember sitting in the O’Briens’ living room with Maya Angelou....
Jonathan Banks ’88: George Plimpton came to SAS twice in the late 80s and had a significant impact on me.
Mika Court ’89: I remember George Plimpton’s talk too! It was amazing!
Robert Seyffert ’71: Shirley Chisolm... REALLY.
Stacey Duprey ’85: What? Shirley Chisholm?!
Mika Court ’89: Shirley Chisholm! Fantastic! — I wish I’d heard her. I teach about her now!
Andy Ringle ’66: T. H. White during the 1963-64 school year.
Emily Pfeiffer-Russell ’00: Desmond Tutu, in ’99?? Amazing!
Emma Marvil ’17: Kyla Terhune’s talk was so memorable!

When the topic turned to St. Andrew’s and Middletown food options, the chat really lit up:
Paul Keyser ’75: Our town food option was George’s—the Philly-steak sandwich place—alas long gone.
Bernadette Devine ’99: I miss George’s so much!
Robert Seyffert ’71: Georges were the best subs
Louise Serio ’09: Some of my best memories were walking to Dunkin/Acme with my friends (this was pre-Starbucks, aka the dark ages).
Louisa Zendt ’78: Walmart was a cornfield during my time!
Julie Leopard ’88: We only had Tasty Freeze and a hoagie shop in the 80s.
Jackie Mette ’83: Pappy’s Pizza—one of the few places to go in the 80s.
James Jenkins ’98: But shared meals are something to continue, wherever you go.

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