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Kaki and Emily field hockey
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Rachel Mavity

Field Hockey Captains Kaki Ackermann and Emily Funderburg shared their inspiration and call to become leaders.

The following was presented during a chapel talk on Friday, October 21.

Kaki Ackermann ’23: 

“Being a captain has meant a lot to me. Our field hockey team has had a bit of a hard run with the start of this season. This year has been the most important year for me to keep a positive attitude about my sport and this has meant that I have had to bring the energy to every practice and game. This, of course, has not been easy but I remember how my captains, when I was an underclassmen, constantly brought each and every player up. Not only has this positivity been a pleasure to share but I hope to make an impact on my teammates to always keep a positive attitude even if the season is a losing one. I think it is so important to lead a team with a positive attitude in order to have that space on the field where it is not a burden to play but a privilege and to be in a generally fun environment.”


Emily Funderburg ’23: 

“For me, being a captain has changed the way I approach my remaining time at St. Andrew’s. Freshman year, my big sister, Josie Friedli, was a captain of the varsity field hockey team. If you asked me freshman year if I thought I would be the captain of a team or emcee an open mic night, I 100% would’ve said no.  After seeing how quickly the class of 2020’s senior year was stripped away from them, and then again to the class of 2021, all I want for my final year at St. Andrew’s is to live in the moment and be the best senior I can possibly be. Being a captain has given me the power to do so, and I am incredibly grateful for that. I hope that I have successfully filled the shoes of the amazing captains we had before and that our leadership positively impacts the team for years to come.”

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