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Jack Keffer

The highlight of the weekend was the Girls Freshman 8 bringing home a bronze medal.

St. Andrew’s Boys and Girls Crew teams both had phenomenal performances at the 2023 Stotesbury Cup Regatta this past weekend in Philadelphia, PA. The highlight of the weekend was the Girls Freshman 8 bringing home a bronze medal! Listed below are each boats’ results:

Girls Crew
St. Andrew's Girls Crew had a phenomenal weekend. Only one other program put a boat in the finals of the 1V, 2V and Freshman 8 races: perennial power Mount St. Joseph. 

Senior 8
Emma Hopkins ’23, Josie Pitt ’23, Joye Wingard ’24, Madeleine Lasell ’25, Hannah Gilheany ’24, Bridget Schutt’23, Stella Roffers ’24, Margaret Young ’24 and Adele Auchincloss ’23 (Cox)

This boat was the team to beat after placing 1st out of 27 boats in Friday’s time trail with a 5:09.07 race. In the semi-finals, St. Andrew’s beat Montclair and Whitman to take 1st with a 5:00.63 and advance to the finals. In the finals, the Senior 8 missed out on a medal by 0.66 seconds, finishing 4th behind Mount Saint Joseph, Holy Spirit and Jackson-Reed. An overall fantastic performance from St. Andrew's top boat.

Second 8
Anastasia Wrightson ’25, Caroline Adle ’24, Zoey Honsel ’24, Riya Soni ’24, Elli Baker ’26, Lauren Hearder ’24, Claire Walker ’25, Trinity Smith ’23, Grace Anne Doyle ’25 (Cox)

A strong finish in the time trail (6th overall) placed them comfortably in the semi-finals, where they placed 3rd with a 5:18.86. That advanced them to the final where the team rowed a 5:26.23 and finished 5th overall. The team shaved 20 seconds off their time from Friday into Saturday.

Junior 8
Emma de Ramel ’25, Catherine Foster ’25, Saskia Hood ’25, Sofia Golab ’25, Sarah Fischer ’25, Mary Troy ’24, Yiru Wang ’25, Sophie Forbes ’25, Avery Vaughan ’24 (Cox)

The Junior 8s rowed themselves into a semi-final race, where they finished 6th with a 5:34.54. They finished 17th overall.

Freshman 8
Natasha Hearder ’26, Margaret Gilheany ’26, Ahilya Ellis ’26, Sophie Hansen ’26, Josephine Scott-Barnes ’26, Alexandra Wilkins ’26, Constance Kang ’26, Ceri Phillips ’26, Mary Margaret Hall ’26 (Cox)

The Freshman 8 were the team of the day. They shocked the field by finishing 4th in the time trail (5:40.68) and placing second behind Mount Saint Joseph in the semi-final race to advance to the finals. In the finals, St. Andrew’s finished 3rd with a 5:28.17 time, earning a bronze medal. It is the first time a St. Andrew’s Girls Freshman 8 boat medaled at Stotesbury since 1996!

Boys Crew
Senior 8
Zach Atalay ’23, Will Hagberg ’25, Joe Baker ’24, Finn Waterston ’25, Kyle Share ’23, Luke Rowles ’25, Gibson Hurtt ’24, Cooper Drazek ’24, Kieran Bansal ’24 (Cox)

The Senior 8 pulled a 4:38.16 in the time trail which placed them 7th overall. Up against eventual championship St. Joseph’s Prep and McLean, the Saints narrowly missed making the finals after placing 3rd in the semis with a 4:25.80. They will get a chance to compete in the at USRowing Youth Nationals in Sarasota, FL in early June against the top boats in the country.

Second 8
Luke Ketzner ’25, Lucas Ochis ’24, Tyrus Roney ’25, Oscar Ji ’24, Myles Derabertis ’23, Kiezen Ameriks ’24, Peter Bird ’25, Erik Liu ’25, Roland Bridges ’25 (Cox)

The Second 8 rowed well all year, which continued into the weekend. They placed 4th overall in the time trail with a 4:49.14, then placed 3rd in the semi-final race with a 4:36.39 to advance to the finals. Unfortunately, the team was brought down by a crab in the midst of a great finals race. The Second 8 was in bronze medal position with about 90 seconds to go when it happened. The future is bright for this young boat.

Junior 8
Camilo Leon Rosenfield ’25, Charlie Adams ’25, Kevin Tu ’24, Danny Yu ’24, John Plummer ’25, Finn Lorentzen ’25, Kaspian Ruff ’26, Ethan Kim ’25, Prem Patel ’24 (Cox)

The Junior 8 placed 19th overall with a 5:18.67 time. They narrowly missed a spot in the semi-finals.

Freshman 8
Drew Merriman ’26, Burke Donovan ’26, George Lindsay ’26, Will Tower ’26, Evan Messina ’26, Graham Robinson ’26, Hudson Stewart ’26, Lawson Kellner ’26, Peter Adler ’26 (Cox)

The Freshman 8 rowed well on Friday, placing 14th out of 28 boats with a time of 5:09.77. They missed making the semi-final by less than five seconds.

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