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Recommendation Request Form

Your complete application file includes recommendations from your current math and English teachers, as well as a transcript release form that is to be completed by your principal or school counselor. These recommendations are sent and managed online through our online application portal. You have the option to send these forms yourself after you submit the application.

If you would like us to send your recommendations to your teachers and counselors before you submit your application, please use this form.

To ensure the most current information is included in your file, you should request recommendations between November 1 and January 15.

We encourage you to speak with your teachers in person before sending a recommendation request. A polite and gracious in-person conversation will help them understand what they will receive and why you are considering St. Andrew's.

Please use this field for the administrator at your school who oversees your academic progress.​
Please use this field for the person at your school who authorizes the release of transcripts.​