There are many opportunities for you, as parents, to engage with and volunteer for St. Andrew's. Please take a look at the short descriptions below; we hope you will sign up for one or many opportunities. If you have any questions about parent volunteering, please contact Bernadette Devine at 302-285-4274. Thank you for your interest in becoming a St. Andrew's Parent Ambassador!

Your Information

Saints Fund Ambassadors

Participation and generosity from St. Andrew's parents represent a critical piece of our Saints Annual Fund effort. Parent participation in the Saints Fund at any level supports all of the programs that make St. Andrew's a unique boarding school experience. Each year the Saints Fund is supported by a team of parent volunteers, our "Saints Fund Ambassadors," who help our Advancement Office. Tasks could include making calls to boost parent participation and support, writing a letter to your child's class about why you support the Saints Fund, and/or writing thank you notes to other parent donors. It is our hope that all parents feel compelled to show their faith and support in the mission of this School by making a gift of any size.

International Student Host Family

Each year we have a few international students who do not have any relatives living in the United States. The host family acts as a "back-up family" if the student cannot get home for a vacation period or if they need to arrive stateside a few days before St. Andrew’s dorms are open. This is a great opportunity to introduce another culture into your home!

Admission Ambassadors

Fall Regional Reception Hosts

Every year we schedule five to ten admission receptions around the country to introduce prospective families with 7th and 8th grade children to St. Andrew’s. These receptions are usually on a week night between September and January and run from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. The Director of Admission, the Head of School or members of the Advancement team co-host, and alumni and parents in the area are also invited to attend. Room in your home for 20-30 people and access to local feeder schools, church/youth groups, or interested neighbors with children make for a great reception!

School Fair Parent Representatives

The Admission Office is often invited to boarding school fairs around the country and the world that we cannot attend due to staff and calendar constraints. Local parent representatives are often equally if not more effective advocates for the School at these events. We are looking for parent representatives who may be willing to attend fairs in your area.

Spring Admission Callers

After a long admission season, the final, and sometimes most important, outreach is the call or email of congratulations from a current parent in March. Spring Admission Callers phone or email parents of accepted students to welcome, congratulate and answer many final questions between March 10 and April 10 while these families are making their enrollment decisions.

Spring Regional Reception Hosts

We sometimes have a cluster of accepted students located in a particular geographical area. When this occurs, we try to organize small gatherings for these accepted students and their parents at the home of a current St. Andrew's parent in that same area. The goal is to give admitted families the opportunity to meet one another, and to ask questions and learn more about the School from current St. Andrew's families. These gatherings happen only between March 15 and April 5.