Many of our coaches are Division I and Division III athletes who have also played professionally, or served as coaches or captains of collegiate teams. All St. Andrew's coaches are also teachers, advisors, or administrators for the School. This means that the men and women who coach our student-athletes on the field are working with the same students in the classroom, eating with them in the Dining Hall, living with them on dorm, and guiding them as mentors in all areas of their lives at St. Andrew's.

My teachers would also be my coaches and my dorm parents. To have teachers who would be there for me when I tore my ACL, or who would take the time to bake brownies if I was having a down day….that sense of community really stood out to me.
Jessica Torres ’08

This teacher-advisor-coach model gives our coaches a more holistic view of our student-athletes, and of their development as athletes, students, and people. Our coaches have an understanding of not only each student's athletic skills, goals, and concerns, but also each student's academic and personal skills, goals, and concerns. This holistic view of the student allows for more nuanced and personalized coaching and advising, particularly in terms of helping a student maintain a balanced focus on both athletics and academics, and in terms of helping the student navigate the college admissions and recruiting process. In return, our teacher-advisor-coach model also allows students to develop more meaningful and multifaceted relationships with their coaches.