Boys Varsity Swimming
Sanford School
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Win 116-51

In the final conference dual meet of the season, the Saints hosted Sanford School for a needed break from exams. While both teams won in spectacular fashion, I was most impressed with the team’s shift in attitude and mentality as the meet went on. We started the meet with long faces, looks of stress and exhaustion brought on by exams. Exams, coupled with the thought of winter Long Weekend being merely days away, meant minds were focused anywhere but the pool. That began to change as Xander Atalay ’19 obliterated the state cut in the 200 free, and continued to change as the girls found themselves in a tied meet at the break after the 50. Xander’s second state cut in the 500 and Frances Malley ’19’s enormous time drop in her own 500 had everyone excited and engaged going into the 200 free relay, where the boys and girls both won comfortably. Immediately after that, Hannah Beams ’17 found herself in an exciting race for second in the 100 back, which she won by 0.02s (she outsplit her opponent by .01s each 50). The boys were not to be outdone despite a lack of competition from Sanford: Will Cammerzell ’19 and Dylan Torrance ’18 created their own drama by finishing within half a second of each other in the boys’ 100 back. Once again, the girls meet came down to the final relay, where Ryann Schutt ’18, Ann Yancey Bassett ’19, Sarah Caron ’19, and Caitlin Cobb ’17 were as reliable as ever, finishing under 4:00 again and securing the win by more than six seconds. For reference, no other girls relay in the conference has been under 4:00 this season. Our girls have done it six times with three different configurations. By the end of the meet, the atmosphere was noticeably lighter, and the Saints were having a lot of fun.

Final scores:

Boys: SAS 116 - 51 SAN

Girls: SAS 93 - 76 SAN

SAS vs Sanford by the numbers:

  • 22 SAS career best times
  • 4 new state qualifying times
  • 68.24s biggest time drop (Frances Malley ’19 in the 500 Free)
  • 12.15% biggest percent time drop (Frances Malley ’19 in the 500 Free)

Congratulations to individual event winners:

  • Ann Yancey Bassett ’19 (500 Free)
  • Colin Campbell ’17 (100 Free)
  • Sarah Caron ’19 (50 Free, 100 Back)
  • Caitlin Cobb ’17 (100 Breast)
  • Keegan Pando ’17 (50 Free)
  • Tad Scheibe ’19 (200 Free, 500 Free)
  • Dylan Torrance ’18 (200 IM, 100 Back)
  • Matt Yan ’19 (100 Breast)

Special shoutout to swimmers who have competed in every individual event this season:

  • Xander Atalay ’19
  • Will Cammerzell ’19
  • Colin Campbell ’17
  • Caitlin Cobb ’17
  • Dustin Fang ’20
  • Alex Hopkins ’18
  • Mayela Lumban-Gaol ’19
  • Ginger Mullins ’20
  • Dylan Torrance ’18