Girls Varsity Volleyball
A.I. DuPont
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Win 3-0

The Saints improved to 7-6 on Monday afternoon, defeating AI DuPont 3 games to none. The Saints were led by Captain Noor El-Baradie ’19, who continued her outstanding play by recording a team-high in both aces (7) and assists (23). Finishing off these assists were Emily Paton ’20, Lila Feldmann ’20 and Kate Paris ’19, as Paton recorded 11 kills while Feldmann and Paris added 6 and 4 respectively. Both Katherine Gao ’18 and Captain Sam Mayo ’18 were active on the afternoon as well, recording 11 and 10 digs each.

The Saints will host Sanford on Tuesday afternoon in the opening round of the conference tournament. The Saints are the 5 seed while Sanford is seeded 6th. The match will begin at 5:00 p.m.

St. Andrews (kills-aces-blocks-digs-assists):

Abney (3-3-0-6-3)

Feldmann (6-0-0-5-0)

Paris (4-0-3-0-0)

El-Baradie (0-7-0-8-23)

Paton (11-4-0-17-0)

Ike (0-0-0-3-0)

Mayo (0-3-0-10-0)

Stilwell (2-6-4-1-0)

Gao (0-0-0-11-0)