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Squash Takes Competition Into Their Own Hands

While students have been on campus thus far in January 2022, due to the current surge in COVID cases, athletes have been able to practice with their teams, but not play against other schools. Practices and training is important—but the fun in sports is the chance to compete.

Between the pause on comptetition and the recent Winter Break, the squash team has not had a match in over a month, so Head Coach Richard Millman and members of the boys and girls squash teams took matters into their own hands. “Athletes need the opportunity to test themselves in order to satisfy themselves that they are indeed making actual progress," Coach Millman said. "To this end, returning after break to discover that interscholastic competition was canceled, we immediately implemented our own competition.” It was time to be creative, and the Saints did just that. 

The squash teams introduced the “St. Andrew’s Team League” this past Tuesday. The Team League is an intramural squash competition, where every player is assigned to one of eight teams. Each team came up with their own team name and designed and made a poster for their team. Over the course of seven weeks all teams will play each of the other seven to determine the league champions. Every match is properly scored and refereed. Each team appoints a player to coach their players through each of the individual matches. Some of the accompanying photos show some great moments from the first week of league competition.

At the close of the first week, the standings are as follows. 

1st Place - The Fast and The Furious (17 points)
2nd Place - The Bridget Bunch (14 points)
2nd Place - The Muscle Men (14 points)
4th Place - Tony's Titans (13 point)
4th Place - Average Joe's Gymnasium (13 points)
6th Place - Atkinson Army (10 Points)
6th Place - Squash Godz (10 Points)
8th Place - The Freshman Force (7 Points)

Although interscholastic athletic competition will resume this weekend, we expect much more Team League excitement (and hijinks) in the Durkin Fleischer Squash Center for the rest of the winter.