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Athlete Focus | Allaire Berl ’22

Allaire Berl ’22 always knew she wanted to play tennis. “Before I could walk I would just sit and grab tennis balls and throw them, and then I started picking up rackets and hitting against the garage door.” Allaire is St. Andrews’ girls tennis #1 singles player, and is committed to Kenyon College to play collegiate tennis next year. Allaire shared how she has approached her final season as a Saint, “It’s bittersweet. I’m excited, but also sad. I’m ready to face the next level of competition at Kenyon, but I’m gonna miss the fun that I’ve had with my teams at St. Andrew’s.” 

Allaire has played an important role on the girl’s tennis team since the day she stepped on the court for St Andrew’s. She’s been on varsity since her freshman year and played 1st singles all four years. This kind of experience is what has led to her dominance on the tennis court here in her final year. Currently at the time of this publishing, Allaire is 5-0 and has not lost a set this season. 

While she has had a lot of success in play, one of Allaire’s top tennis memories comes from last year’s state tournament hosted at St. Andrew’s. “During states, I played this girl from Wilmington Friends. We had played each other before, and everytime we played it would be the longest match ever.” recalls Allaire. “We’re out in the sweltering heat in May, and we’re on our second tiebreaker of the match, when the whole entire school, or at least what felt like it, came out around this court and went wild.” Allaire goes on to recount how she just barely lost another tiebreaker in the match, but found the positive. “Usually, I would not be too happy about losing, but the atmosphere that my classmates and friends created at that match was special.” 

Allaire also commented on how tight-knit the sports teams and communities felt at school throughout her entire experience. “I just love the community that the sports teams have at St Andrews. It’s something I’m going to miss when I go to college.” When asked about her advice to rising athletes at St Andrews, she had this to say; “Even if you’re a beginner, and inexperienced, just go in and push yourself. Take every opportunity to run as fast as you can, and dive for every ball you can. I think it’s important to work hard and try to make your high school athletic career as good as it can be. Just be passionate.” 

The first half of the season success has put Allaire and the team in high spirits. Entering the second half of the season Allaire has a lot of confidence in her ability and her teammates, “I would like us to win as much as we possibly can because I have so much confidence in everyone on our team.” She has high expectations for the team, “hopefully we can be #1 or 2 at states!” For Allaire’s personal goals she shared, “individually, my goal is to keep up the best tennis I can. The #1 singles for Wilmington Friends is one of the top players in the nation and it is really cool being able to play such a skilled player. The challenge will be a lot of fun as a competitor.”