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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

Studio Art

Our studio art program offers courses in drawing, painting, and multimedia to students at all levels of expertise. Students who complete introductory coursework in drawing and painting may choose to further their study of that discipline by “majoring” in studio art in the senior year. Majors take a full-credit Advanced Study course during the senior year that requires extensive, independent work and artistic production outside the classroom, with a goal of building an individual portfolio of ambitious original work.

In each fine arts discipline we teach, students are introduced to the core elements of the given language, and guided through a series of exercises that ensure them a basic fluency. We believe that any student can achieve this modest goal, regardless of prior experience or natural facility. Once our students have developed a familiarity with the building blocks of a visual art form, they are encouraged to embrace the process of gaining technical mastery, and to risk experimentation that might take them outside of their comfort zones. Each course is designed to offer progressively more challenging projects, with room for individual interpretation, so that both the beginning and experienced artist will find a tempo that both suits and challenges them.

Art history is also a key component to our studio arts curriculum. We ask arts students to constantly engage with images and art from different cultures and understand the historical context from which a particular art form or style emerged.


The O'Brien Arts Center is home to the Warner Gallery, which holds student exhibitions three times a year, and visiting artist exhibitions four times per year. These visiting artist exhibitions give students a chance to interact with professional artists and to witness the ways in which the artistic disciplines we teach in our classrooms can be pursued in the wider world. When combined with close contact with established St. Andrew's faculty artists who are continually pursuing their own artistic practices, our intensive visual arts training allows the student grow in her artistic understanding, creative capabilities, and tendency toward free expression. Our master-apprentice teaching model for the visual arts allows our students to gain a strong sense of the arts as a means for investigating and celebrating the world in which they live.

2020 Payson Art History Lecture featuring Alexander Nemerov

The Payson Art History Lecture series brings a notable art historian to campus every other year, and in alternate years supports the installation of an exhibition by a visit artist in the Warner Gallery. The Payson Art History Lecture was established in 2005 by Joanne and John Whitney Payson, in honor of John’s mother Joan Whitney Payson, and to celebrate the graduation of their daughter Joan ’05 from St. Andrew’s.

Studio Art Courses

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