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The St. Andrew's Women's Network was founded in 2010, in celebration of 35 years of co-education at St. Andrew’s School. The mission of the SAS Women's Network is to connect, celebrate, and harness the power of the School's alumnae through events held both on and off campus. In recognition of the vast experience and wisdom of our alumnae, the Women's Network seeks to unite these outstanding women to sustain and strengthen the ethos of St. Andrew’s beyond campus, and to support the School’s mission, faculty, staff and students of today.

When alumnae gather for Women's Network events, they share their experiences and insights with students and faculty, and reconnect with each other and with the School. Since its inception in 2010, Women's Network events have expanded in size and scope, and have become central to its goal of providing community, inspiration, and mentorship for all members of our community.

Women's Network Weekend 2019

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