Saints Spotlight: Morgan Hallow ’15
Liz Torrey

Morgan Hallow ’15 graduated from Trinity College in 2019. At Trinity, Morgan majored in classics and philosophy, and was an integral member of the Trinity track & field team, earning All-American honors in the 400 meters during her senior season. This fall, Morgan will continue her education at NYU, where she will pursue her master's in classics and linguistics.

What originally attracted you to St. Andrew's as a student-athlete?
I knew wherever I went to high school that I would want athletics to be a large part of my experience. On my Visit Back Day at St. Andrews, I remember there was an announcement that some sports team had a big game against Tower Hill. After the announcement was made, the entire Dining Hall had this contagious excitement that I knew I had to be a part of. I realized that SAS athletics were special from my first day on campus as a freshman. I remember unpacking my things with my mom when Molly Belk ’12 came by to welcome us, and she convinced me to go to varsity soccer tryouts later that week. I remember really being struck by how welcoming Molly was and how she and her classmate Grace Saliba ’12, all throughout my freshman year, really looked after me. The sense of community, which already exists in the SAS community at large, is intensified through athletics in a way that is, in my opinion, unparalleled anywhere else.

How did Coach Hamilton help you improve?
Coach Hamilton was more than just a coach to me: she was also my advisor for my entire four years at SAS, she was my dorm parent, and she was once even my English teacher. Sometimes she was stern, which I certainly needed, but she was also a compassionate mentor who took genuine interest in my development both as an athlete and as a person. She was the type of coach who would call me out when I would try to get out of sprints by pretending to tie my shoes, and yet was also someone who was one of my biggest advocates on campus and someone I confided in.

How did your time as a multi-sport athlete at SAS prepare you for the challenges that you faced as a collegiate athlete?
Being in-season year round in high school helped me learn to manage my time more efficiently once I was in college. At boarding school you also are always surrounded by your teammates in a way that you wouldn’t be at a day school, so I was definitely better prepared at communicating issues, frustrations, or concerns with my teammates and coaches.

Most memorable athletic experience while at SAS:
There is this dinosaur statue at Tatnall that our soccer coach said we could only take a picture next to if we won the game. I’m not sure why we wanted to take the picture so badly but it was something we thought would be really funny. We weren’t expected to beat Tatnall since they beat us the first time we played them. The game went into double overtime and we won with minutes left. It was definitely one of the more memorable games and the dinosaur picture was the cherry on top.

Advice for current SAS student-athletes:
Have fun, go hard for yay-days, and beat Tower Hill.

Describe your game for those who haven’t seen play.
I played a number of sports at SAS and played basketball and, after injuring my knee, ran track at Trinity. In all of these sports, I would simply refuse to lose.

In 5 years I hope to be:
Hopefully I will be working towards getting my PhD in Classics.

I am most proud of:
During my senior track and field season at Trinity College, I had the opportunity to go to indoor and outdoor nationals and became a DIII All-American in the 400m for that season. 

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