Tuition Grant Estimator

You can use table of grants and net tuitions for current students receiving financial aid to help estimate if your family might qualify for a full or partial tuition grant from St. Andrew's. Because each family's situation is different, we encourage all parents who might need aid to make St. Andrew's possible to apply.

Adjusted Gross Income*Range of
Tuitions Paid
Total Recipients
$0 - $40,000$0 - $54,70016
$41,000 - $60,000$0 - $18,00015
$61,000 - $80,000$0 - $30,00015
$81,000 - $100,000$3,000 - $15,0009
$101,000 - $150,000$0 - $32,00024
$151,000 - $200,000$9,000 - $32,00014
$201,000 - $250,000$10,000 - $40,00018
$251,000 - $300,000$7,500 - $45,00010
$301,000+$12,000 - $55,47021

*Total income includes the income of both parents and/or guardians as determined by U.S. tax returns. In addition to income, we consider a family’s assets and liabilities, the number of children currently attending tuition-charging schools and colleges, and other expenses impacting a family's ability to pay full tuition when determining the net tuition charged for each qualifying student.

In addition to tuition grants, qualifying students may receive additional stipends to cover the costs of health insurance, academic books, or travel expenses.

St. Andrew's does not award merit scholarships. All financial aid grants are based on a family's demonstrated need in the financial aid application process. Limited financial aid is made available to international students.