Financial Aid FAQ

Does St. Andrew's offer merit scholarships?

St. Andrew's financial aid awards meet 100% of a family's demonstrated need, as determined by the SSS application and the Financial Aid Committee. We do not offer merit scholarships beyond demonstrated need.

Do returning students need to reapply for financial aid each year?

Yes, each year a family must reapply for financial aid for the following academic year. Unless their financial situation changes dramatically, a family can expect only a modest increase in tuition each year.

How many people will view a student's financial aid file?

Financial aid documentation is held in strict confidence. The financial aid committee of four reviews each application and, on occasion, may consult with the Headmaster.

Do the faculty and the students know which students receive financial aid?

Absolutely not. The notion of a division between “scholarship” students and a “full pay” students is foreign to the culture of St. Andrew’s.

Does St. Andrew's offer financial aid to international students?

Due to the differences in currency, tax structures and economic systems, the School’s policy is generally not to offer financial aid to international students. Limited financial aid is awarded to international students in special circumstances.

If our tax documentation is not complete for the current year, may we still apply for financial aid?

Yes, we ask that copies of the past two years’ tax returns be sent by February 15 and current tax year returns be provided as soon as possible thereafter. Estimates can be made on the SSS Parents’ Financial Statement.

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