You Did It!

We are so excited to welcome you into the St. Andrew's family.
So, what's next? We have an entire month’s worth of opportunities planned for you to connect with our community and to continue to learn more about all that is St. Andrew’s. Our Zoom conversations and classes require pre-registration, but there is plenty to explore on your own—check out our St. Andrew’s day-by-day calendar below. Our community cannot wait to meet you, learn more about you, and answer all of your St. Andrew’s questions.

Events You Don't Want to Miss...
Connect with Your Fellow Saints
Take a Tour
Take a Class


March 10 - Congrats!
March 11 - Be on the Lookout...
March 12 - Time to Tour
March 13 - In Case You Missed It...
March 14 - Follow Us on Social
March 15 - Explore Inclusion & Belonging
March 16 - Meet our Heads of School!
March 17 - Gallery Walk
March 18 - Meet Your Fellow Saints!
March 19 - Read the Friday News
March 20 - Connect with a Coach
March 21 - Explore Senior Stories
March 22 - DEIJ Event
March 23 - Mark it Up
March 24 - Listen to a Chapel Talk
March 25 - Explore Senior Stories
March 26 - Ready to Be a Saint?
March 27 - Take a Class
March 28 - Watch the Spring Musical!
March 29 - SAS Escape Room
March 30 - Chapel Talks
March 31 - Take a Classs
April 1 - Write to Mr. Roach
April 2 - Campus Visitors
April 3 - Connect with an Artist
April 4 - SAS Mag
April 5
April 6 - Parent Event
April 7 - Podcast
April 8
April 9 - Closing Remarks from Tad
April 10


Are you ready to become a Saint? We hope so! 

Instructions for how to enroll were sent to you in an email on March 10. If you need assistance with enrollment, please email, or reach out to your Admissions interviewer. We can't wait to welcome you to campus next fall!