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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

10th & 11th Grade Admission

There are countless reasons you may be considering joining St. Andrew’s after your 9th or 10th grade year at a different high school—the common thread is that you, like all St. Andrew's students, are seeking more from your high school years. 

Each year our community is strengthened by the addition of new IV Form (sophomore) and V Form (junior) students. We typically admit around 15 to 20 new students to the rising sophomore class, and as many as six new students to the rising junior class.

Changing high schools can feel scary or intimidating. You should know that at St. Andrew’s, your classmates and our entire school community welcome our new 10th and 11th graders with open arms. During your admission process, you'll notice that current students are excited to meet the new students who may be joining their grade in the next school year. Once you're on campus, returning students will welcome you warmly and seamlessly into the social fabric of the school, and you'll also have the chance to bond with your fellow new students through your shared activities and experience. As a new sophomore or a new junior, you will add to the diversity of perspective, talents, and experiences in your class, and you will come to campus with the maturity and sense of self that guided you to seek a new high school experience in the first place.

If you are considering a transfer, we also recommend you speak with your admissions officer about athletics eligibility. Depending on your enrollment history, Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (DIAA) regulations governing transfer students may cause you to lose eligibility for some sports.

How to Apply

The first step is to submit an inquiry form. The process for admission to St. Andrew’s in 10th or 11th grade is nearly identical to the process for applying for 9th grade admission.

You may have begun to consider changing high schools late in the school year, after our traditional admission timeline has concluded—if that is the case, we encourage you to contact the Admission Office at 302-285-4231 or to inquire as to whether or not we are still accepting waitlist applications.

Sarah Rose Odutola in musical


"I think everyone deserves to be seen. Every aspect of you should be appreciated and that's what I found at St. Andrew's. It is not only the place where you find yourself; it is where you find your community. When I came here in my sophomore year, I found an amazing community that welcomed me and where I feel like I belong."

-Sarah Rose Odutola 

Ike Lawrence playing soccer


“I first discovered St. Andrew's when I competed at a regatta on Noxontown Pond. I was drawn to the campus. I wanted to pursue something special—something that would make my high school experience unique and unforgettable. That is what I found here. St. Andrew's gave me the opportunity to learn, compete, perform, and grow in an incredible atmosphere."

-Ike Lawrence 

Daniel Kye ’23 with fellow dodgeball champions.


"I decided to apply to St. Andrew's during my sophomore year because I missed collaborative conversation and debates. I wanted a school that allowed for discussion-based learning and also where I could contribute to the campus in some way. I found both at St. Andrew's and have not looked back."

-Daniel Kye