Recommended Testing Calendar

St. Andrew’s encourages students to make thoughtful choices about standardized testing. Studies show that students who are more mature, who have greater classroom knowledge, and who engage in test prep over time, ultimately receive higher scores on standardized tests. With this in mind, testing during the middle to the end of the V Form (junior) year is ideal and recommended. The below standardized test schedule is being provided for general guidance. Keep in mind that there is no one perfect testing schedule for all of our students. In December of their junior year, College counselors meet with V Form students to map out a testing plan, and counselors are also available to meet with IV Formers (sophomores) who have questions about standardized testing.

Recommended Testing Schedule for the 2019-20 School Year


Important Notes

Students and parents/guardians, please note:

  • SAT Subject tests—It may be appropriate for some III and IV Form students to take SAT Subject tests after completing a course sequence (and with the recommendation of the classroom teacher). Please note that language listening tests are offered in November only
  • Advanced Placement exams—Students should consult with their Form's academic advisor or their classroom teacher to determine whether taking the AP exam in a particular subject is appropriate. 
  • Standardized test prep—During the V Form year, St. Andrew’s offers students test prep classes and individual tutoring sessions on-campus through Compass Prep. Students are also encouraged to use summer and term breaks to engage in test prep, and to attend info sessions, when offered, during the school year. 
  • Testing locations—When school is not in session, students who wish to take a standardized test must register to test at their local high school or test center. 
  • Test scores—It is the student’s responsibility to send official test scores to colleges or other requestors (e.g. NCAA, National Merit, scholarships, etc.). 
  • Score choice—While the College Board’s score choice option allows students to choose which test scores to submit to colleges, many highly selective colleges require students to waive this option and to submit their entire testing history.

For more info on how to register for the SAT or ACT, visit our Testing Info page.