July 2020 College Checklist

For the Class of 2021

  1. Continue researching colleges using:
    1. College websites
    2. St. Andrew's alums—if you would like to communicate with one of our young alum "college ambassadors" who has first-hand experience about a school you are particularly interested in attending, please email your college counselor or Mrs. Rojas (srojas@standrews-de.org).
    3. Third-party resources (Niche, Princeton Review, etc.)
  2. Continue filling out the Common Application per our guidelines and recommendations from our email to your Class on May 14 (which you can also review here).
    1. The Common Application will update on August 1 for the 2020-21 application cycle. In early August, Ms. Hastings will send an email out with information about completing the final portions of the Common App.
    2. If you are applying to schools that do not use the Common Application (e.g. U of Maryland, Georgetown, U of Texas, international universities), create your accounts and begin filling out those applications as well. Many of these applications will come online for 2020-2021 in July.
  3. Have an open and honest conversation with yourself and with your family about college costs and paying for college. Questions to discuss:
    1. Will you be applying for financial aid? 
    2. What role will financial aid play in your college decision-making? 
    3. Have you used net price calculators (such as MyInTuition) to determine how much colleges will expect you to pay?
    4. Do you have colleges on your list that are affordable?
  4. Continue to strive to create a balanced list of colleges.
    1. Make sure that you have enough “likely” schools on your list—at least three.
    2. Update your college list in the “Interest” column, indicating “high”, “medium”, and “low” interest for each college. If you are still learning about particular schools, leave those as “N/A”.
    3. Are there colleges missing from your list that you’d like to consider? If so, add them in Naviance.
    4. Please communicate with your college counselor before you remove any colleges from your list.
  5. Continue sending us your rough drafts of your Common Application essays. Please note: colleges will make their supplemental essay prompts available on their own websites this summer, and most schools finalize their supplemental essays in early August when the Common Application updates, so you should wait until you know definitively what a school’s supplements will be before you begin drafting those essays.