2019-20 Course Selection Guide

Planning your course of study at St. Andrew’s is an exciting process; it is about shaping your goals and passions while engaging in all areas of St. Andrew’s full liberal arts program.

Our academic schedule is designed for depth, immersion, and balance, and offers students semester-long electives in several departments. As you make your course selections, you will work with your teachers, advisor, and parents to balance your individual interests and needs with the requirements of our academic program.

This guide tells you about graduation requirements, course offerings and the shape of the daily and semester schedule. For individual course descriptions, visit our Course Catalog. For more information on what credits you'll need to graduate and typical course sequences by subject, visit our Graduation Requirements by Subject page.

To begin the course selection process, fill out this Four-Year Course Planning Worksheet (which is also included in the print Course Registration Guide booklet you received in your mailbox). Use this worksheet and the course lists below to sketch out your past and projected course load for all four years of high school (even if you attended a different school for some of these years). While you are not obligated to keep the selections you make now in future years, filling out all four years of the sheet will help you plan your required course load in advance. This will help you get a better sense of your required and elective class options over the course of your career at St. Andrew’s.

After you've considered your four-year plan, fill out the 2019-20 Course Selection Worksheet (which is also included in the print Course Registration Guide booklet you received in your mailbox), checking your choices against the graduation requirements on the second page. Review your choices with your parents and advisor (and your college counselor, if you are a rising senior). You will use this worksheet when you ultimately register for classes online with your advisor.

Course Registration Materials

Maximum & Minimum Courseloads Per Year

The maximum courseload for students in any Form is five yearlong, full-credit courses and two semester-long, half-credit courses. This translates to a maximum of six courses in a single semester. Please contact Dean of Studies Gretchen Hurtt (ghurtt@standrews-de.org) with questions or for permission concerning additional electives.

The minimum courseload for each Form is as follows:

III Form: five and a half creditsfive yearlong, full-credit courses + one semester-long, half-credit arts elective

IV Form: five and a half credits—five yearlong, full-credit courses (including History of Religious Thought) + Health & Wellness (half-credit)

V Form: five creditsfive yearlong, full-credit courses or four yearlong, full-credit courses and two semester-long, half-credit courses

VI Form: five credits—five yearlong, full-credit courses, or four yearlong, full-credit courses and two semester-long, half-credit courses, or three yearlong, full-credit courses and four semester-long, half-credit courses


Course Offerings & Options for the 2019-20 School Year