Vidigami How-Tos & FAQ

What on earth is Vidigami?

Vidigami is private photo-sharing platform that allows the St. Andrew's community (students, parents, faculty, staff) to collect, organize, share and download our many photos of SAS life in one centralized place. The SAS Communications Office uses Vidigami to share all photos of School life, and individual users are also contributors; you can and should upload your own photos of life at St. Andrew's to existing Vidigami albums, or create your own album if there isn’t an existing album that fits your subject matter. You can use Vidigami to download full-resolution photos for free, search for photos of yourself or others by name, and even purchase various photo-printed goods (mugs, t-shirts, etc.) from the Vidigami shop.

The Communications Office acts as the administrators of Vidigami, and we will work to keep the photos as organized as possible (deleting duplicate albums, for example, or moving a photo to a more appropriate album). We trust that as members of this community you will not upload any inappropriate photos. If you see a photo that you feel is inappropriate, you can “flag” the photo for our review by clicking the dots in the lower right hand corner of the photo and then clicking “report photo”.

How are photos organized in Vidigami?

In Vidigami, photos are organized by school year, categories, groups, and albums, in that order. Click “Groups" at the top of the blue sidebar on the left side of the screen to see all categories and groups. Click a particular group to see its albums.

For example, if you’re looking for photos of the girls cross-country team, you would look under the Athletics category, in the Fall Sports group, and then in the Girls Cross-Country album.

How do I upload photos to Vidigami?

Please note that Vidigami only allows uploads of photos in JPG, JPEG, or PNG file formats, and does not allow photos of more than 20MB in file size to be uploaded. We find that the Vidigami uploader works best when less than 200 photos are uploaded at once.

From a Phone

Use the Vidigami mobile app to upload your photos directly to Vidigami from your smartphone. Open the app and click the upload icon in the lower right hand corner of any screen (the green circle with the arrow inside the cloud). Choose photos from your camera roll (you will have to allow Vidigami to access your camera), then click select. Pick a school year, group, and album from the drop down menus, or create a new album if none existing fit the subject of your photos. Then click "upload." When uploading is complete, you will receive notification.

From a Computer

First, find the album that best fits the subject or topic of the photos you want to upload. Click on the album, then click the upload button in the upper right hand corner (the green circle with the arrow inside the cloud). Vidigami's uploader will open in a new browser window. Drag and drop your photos into the upload area. The upload should begin automatically, and upload progress will be displayed in the green bar near the top of the screen. When the upload is complete, the green bar will disappear and your total number of uploads will appear above left of the photos. You can simply close out the uploader screen when finished, and the photos should appear in the album in your original Vidigami window.

If there is no album that fits your subject, go to the group directory and find the group that best fits your subject. Click into the group, then click "new album". Enter your album name and the date the photos were taken (or select year-round if you are creating an album from photos taken throughout the school year), then click "proceed". On the screen that appears, click "upload" and follow the instructions above.

How do I download photos from Vidigami?

Click on the photo you'd like to download. In the expanded view, click "download" in the lower right hand corner. You will have to hit "proceed" to accept a usage reminder from Vidigami, and then your download should proceed shortly.

To batch download, go to the album view of the photos, then click the small white box that appears at lower right when you hover over each photo. (A green menu will then appear at the top of the screen.) Select all of the photos you'd like to download using this selection box, then click "download" in the green menu.

How do I tag or untag a face?

To tag an untagged person in any photo, click “tag faces” in the upper right hand corner of a photo, then click on the person’s face and enter the correct name in the box that appears.

If you see a person who is incorrectly identified by a tag, you can remove the tag by hovering over the person and then clicking the X in the green name tag box.

You uploaded new photos of me/my child, but Vidigami didn't auto-tag them. Why not?

Vidigami’s auto-tagging does take some time to process after we upload photos, and is not a perfect system. It will not recognize all faces in all photos—particularly faces that are turned or obstructed in any fashion—and will not tag faces it does not recognize with 90% confidence. But, the more photos we manually tag, the better the auto-tagging system works. So please feel free to tag yourself or your child in any photo!

When will you upload photos from my recent event/game/excursion?

We will update Vidigami every other Monday, typically the Monday after a Friday News has been sent out to the School community. We may choose to upload new photos outside of this schedule on special occasions, but you can expect a bulk upload every other Monday while School is in session.

I think a photo is inappropriate. What should I do?

If you see a photo that you feel is inappropriate, you can “flag” the photo for our review by clicking the dots in the lower right hand corner of the photo and then clicking “report photo”. The Communications Office will review the photo and remove if it is deemed inappropriate. If you have further questions or concerns about a photo, please email the Communications Office directly at

Will I still be able to access my photos after I graduate?

Yes. Parents and students will still be able to access a student's photos after he or she graduates, but will not be able to access new Vidigami photos that are uploaded to School years outside of the time the student attended St. Andrew's.

Can my grandparent/aunt/uncle/family friend also have access to Vidigami?

As of right now, Vidigami only permits its schools to give photo access to students, parents/guardians, faculty, and staff. We thus cannot provide Vidigami access to extended family members.

Vidigami is a private photo sharing platform accessible only to St. Andrew's current students, parents, faculty, and staff.