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Head of School's Statement on Tree of Life Synagogue Tragedy
Head of School's Statement on Tree of Life Synagogue Tragedy
Tad Roach

To the Community,

St. Andrew's joins the nation and the world in a deep and sustained period of mourning and reflection upon the terrible loss of life on Saturday in The Tree of Life congregation, a sacred synagogue in Pittsburgh.

We know the terror and poison of hatred and intolerance still lives in our land and in our world. We have seen today and in world history what happens when prejudice, violence, and racism move out of the darkest shadows into the public square.

At the same time, we understand the enduring power of love, humanity, acceptance, and support. We know how to defeat hatred, violence, anti-semitism, and racism. We know how to live with abiding respect and reverence for the human family. We know how to cry out for peace, for human fellowship, and an end to religious bigotry and intolerance.

Pray, live, witness, and honor the victims, their congregation and community, and our Jewish brothers and sisters here at St. Andrew's and all across the world.

Daniel T. Roach, Jr.
Merrill M. Stenbeck Head of School

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