St. Andrew's 85th Annual Commencement Honors the Class of 2018
St. Andrew's 85th Annual Commencement Honors the Class of 2018
Liz Torrey

St. Andrew's held its 85th annual Commencement ceremony this morning, honoring and graduating the 77 members of the Class of 2018.

John Matouk '89 traveled from his home in Cairo, Egypt to give the Commencement address. Matouk serves on St. Andrew's Board of Trustees, and is the co-founder and managing partner of Matouk Bassiouny, a regional full-service business law firm headquartered in Cairo. At St. Andrew's, he was head of the Honor Committee and a varsity tennis and soccer player. Matouk's Commencement remarks will be printed in the Spring 2018 issue of the St. Andrew's Magazine.

In his address, Matouk spoke about the challenges he faced in both building and later shepherding his law firm through the Egyptian revolution in 2011. "Even during the extreme polarizing stress of the revolution, our lawyers agreed they could be opponents in Tahrir one moment, teammates at the office the next," Matouk recalled. "Ultimately what kept us together was a system of pluralism that had become the backbone of our firm's culture over the years prior to the revolution. This culture of pluralism was able to flourish in our small legal community thanks to the steady application, day after day, year after year of principles of diversity, respect, tolerance, kindness, compassion, teamwork, and hard work—in other words, St. Andrean principles. I had not done it consciously, but the St. Andrew's model had become so ingrained within me during my formative years in high school that I could imagine no way of forging the professional relationship around me other than as a St. Andrean."

Student body Co-Presidents Noelle Yoo '18 and Shridhar Singhania '18 also made Commencement remarks; their remarks will also be reprinted in the Spring 2018 issue of the St. Andrew's Magazine.

During the ceremony, members of the Class of 2018 were also recognized with the following awards:

Christopher Wilson Award and Scholarship, given by his parents in memory of Christopher Edward Wilson '99. The award recognizes seniors who best embody Chris' virtues and personal qualities: a love of St. Andrew's, a quiet and authentic appreciation of life, friendship, and community; a devotion to service and to children; and a kind and generous spirit. Presented to Alex Hopkins '18 and Akeem Martindale '18.

The Cristin C. Duprey Diversity and Inclusivity Award, given in memory of Cristin C. Duprey '04, to the VI Former who has provided exceptional service in the cultivation of a diverse and inclusive St. Andrew's School community. Presented to Haden Cunningham '18, Hanna Soulati '18, and Richard Zhang '18.

The Jonathan B. O'Brien Head of School Award celebrates the brilliant and courageous leadership and vision of St. Andrew's third Headmaster Jonathan O'Brien, who led the School from 1977 to 1997, and who passed away earlier this spring. The award recognizes seniors who contribute to the ethos of the School with integrity, generosity, humanity and love. Presented to Belle Dallam '18, Dani Payne '18, and Warrington Webb '18.

The Fine Arts Award, given to the student who has made the greatest contribution in the fine arts and demonstrated a depth and quality of talent that demands our recognition. Presented to Samir Arrington '18 and Cara McTaggart '18.

The Henry Prize, awarded to the VI Form boys and girls who have been of the greatest service to athletics. It recognizes not only personal athletic skill, but also service to the teams of which the students were members. Presented to Elisa Davila '18, Alex Horgan '18, and Evan Murray '18.

King Prize, awarded to the leading scholar during the VI Form year. Presented to Dylan Torrance '18.

Founder's Medal, awarded to the scholar in the graduating class who, during his or her career at St. Andrew's, has achieved the best academic record in the Form. Presented to Dylan Torrance '18.

William H. Cameron Award, given to the VI Form boy and girl who have performed outstanding service to the School. Presented to Will Gray '18 and Ryann Schutt '18.

St. Andrew's Cross, given in honor of the late Bishop Cook of Delaware, who was associated with the founding of the School, in recognition of the student whose contribution to the School has been distinguished for Christian qualities of concern for others, humility, and high principle. Presented to Alex Horgan '18.

A full list of student awards granted at the close of the 2016-17 School year will also be made available in the Spring 2017 issue of the St Andrew's Magazine. You can watch both Awards Night and Commencement in their entirety on the St. Andrew's Livestream channel.