Fall Athletes Honored with All-Conference, All-State Recognitions
Fall Athletes Honored with All-Conference, All-State Recognitions
Liz Torrey

The following student-athletes were recognized for their contributions to fall sports teams.



Second Team: Emily Paton '20

Honorable Mention: Noor El-Baradie '19

Team Awards

MVP: Noor El-Baradie '19 and Emily Paton '20

Most Improved Player: Kate Paris '19

JV MVP: Margaret Flynn '18

JV Most Improved Player: Sharon Williams '19

Boys Soccer


First Team: Evan Murray '18, Robbie Turnbull '18, Warrington Webb '18, Rick Townsend '18, Ben Horgan '19

Second Team: Jamie Rowley '19, Steven Ding '20, Zach Tull '20


First Team: Evan Murray '18, Robbie Turnbull '18

Second Team: Warrington Webb '18

Third Team: Ben Horgan '19

Team Awards

MVP: Evan Murray '18

Coaches Award: Robbie Turnbull '18, Quentin Abramo '18

Most Improved Player: Ethan Paradee '20

JV MVP: Theo Taylor '21

JV Golden Boot: Matt Lilley '21

JV Most Improved: Michael Kwashie '20



First Team: Jarred St. John '18, Baylen Manocha '18, Ryan Godfrey '19, Theo Jaffe '19, Adrian Watts '20

Honorable Mention: John McKee '18, Arthur Potter '19, Ryan Godfrey '19, Adrian Watts '20

Team Awards

Robert M. Colburn Award: Jarred St. John '18

Virginia DiGennaro Award: John McKee '18

MVP: Jarred St. John '18

Most Improved Player: Tim Odutola '20

Dedication and Commitment Award: Will Weaver '18, Zadoc Bond '21

Field Hockey


First Team: Gillian Simpler '18, Josie Friedli '20

Second Team: Alex Cameron '20, Nancy Tucker '19

Honorable Mention: Lacy Grice '18 (120 saves)

Team Awards

MVP: Gillian Gimpler '18

Most Improved Player: Mia Beams '19

Coaches Award: Abigail Hummel '18

JV Coaches Award: Sylvia Reed '19

Girls Cross-Country


Emma Tapscott '18, Elisa Davila '18


Emma Tapscott '18

Team Awards

MVP: Emma Tapscott '18

Coaches Award: Elisa Davila '18, Alex Hopkins '18

JV Coaches Award: Lian Bourret '18

Most Improved Runner: Sarah Bruno '21

Boys Cross-Country


Alex Horgan '18, Tad Scheibe '19, Carson McCoy '19, Blake Hundley '20


Alex Horgan '18, Tad Schiebe '19, Blake Hundley '20


First Team: Alex Horgan '18

Third Team: Tad Schiebe '18

Team Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award: Alex Horgan '18

Coaches Award: Alec Barreto '18, Will Gray '18

JV Coaches Award: Ben Covell '18, Christian Doucette '18

Most Improved Runner: Trey Ketzner '21