Our Chapel Program Wants to Hear from You!
Liz Torrey


Dear Students & Parents,

St. Andrew's Chapel program welcomes you! The Chapel plays a central role in the communal life of our School. Before you arrive on campus, the Chapel team begins to plan our programming for the upcoming year as well as to pray for the time we will spend together. This fall we are committed to bringing a diverse array of speakers and preachers to complement our usual line-up of faculty and staff presenters. As usual, the services will be student-led and will occasionally feature a student speaker. Our Sunday morning Eucharist services promise enriching worship as well as uplifting sacred music. Our Chapel services are central to the fostering of our community, and we hope that you will consider ways that you might become involved in our Chapel program. Since our services require the teamwork of students, faculty, and staff, there are a number of opportunities for you to offer your time and talents to endow our services with vitality and meaning. Please consider the following list of ways to be involved in our Chapel program:  

  • Acolytes—provide assistance for Wednesday and Sunday services, light candles, join the procession into the Chapel carrying the cross, torches, Gospel book, and St. Andrew's banner
  • Lay Eucharistic Ministers—seniors who serve as chalice bearers on Sunday morning
  • Lay Readers—responsible for reading lessons, psalms, or prayers during worship
  • Sacristans—set up for services and clean up afterwards
  • Singing in the Choir
  • Ushers—assist with seating, decorum, and handing out service materials

As your Chaplain, I am eager to meet the specific religious needs of each student. If you would take a moment to fill our Chapel Info Request Form, that will help us to serve you better. Please note that providing this information is completely voluntary.

I look forward to hearing from you and cannot wait to see you in September! If you have any questions about our Chapel program, please do not hesitate to contact me at jhutchinson@standrews-de.org, or by replying to this email.

The Rev. Jay Hutchinson

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Exploring the World: SAS Alums in College Report Back on their Summer Experiences
Exploring the World: SAS Alums in College Report Back on their Summer Experiences
Eden Rickolt ’16

This summer, we surveyed three years' worth of St. Andrew's alums currently enrolled in college (the Classes of 2015, 2016, and 2017), to find out what they were up to during their breaks from school. Their answers were as varied, fascinating, and impressive as the students themselves.

I spent the summer working at Nokia Bell Labs researching ways to build machine learning systems using deterministic finite state machines. If successful, these systems could classify data with accuracy close to convolutional neural networks, but work much faster. This is my second year working at the Artificial Intelligence Lab at Bell Labs.
Luke Bauman '15

I worked for a criminal justice and capital defense lawyer based in Washington, D.C. We defended clients for cases on capital murder, drugs, domestic violence, gang violence, immigration asylum, grand larceny, and assault of a police officer. I participated in meeting with clients, case investigation, court hearings, serving subpoenas, and writing up legal memos.
Louisa Belk '16

I spent this summer Monterey, California, interning at the Naval Postgraduate School, where I researched with Dr. Joseph Klamo in systems engineering. The Navy has a number of vessels that operate in shallow water, so, using a tank and a wave machine, we measured the forces and effects of different waves on underwater vehicles operating near the surface of water. We tested different depths, wave heights, and geometries of the models of these Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs). As a Systems Engineering major, the experience gave me great exposure to data analysis, experimentation, and graduate-level research.
Colin Cool '17

This summer I interned with Save the Children Jordan (SCJ) in their Advocacy, Media and Communications (AMC) Department. As an organization, the mission of SCJ is to achieve immediate and lasting change in children's lives and to help children fulfill their potential. As a member of the AMC Department, I worked towards achieving this goal by documenting the stories of Syrian refugees and spreading them to audiences all over the world. Our office is based in Amman, but the bulk of our work happens in Azraq and Zaatari Refugee Camps. I was determined to work with SCJ this summer because I believe the Syrian Refugee Crisis will be a defining moment for my generation, and I wanted to do my part and make a difference by being a part of the solution.
Anton Delgado '16

This summer I have been interning on Capitol Hill with my own district's Congressman, Representative Andy Harris (MD-01). It has been a fantastic experience getting to see how politics and government work in an up-close way, especially during this exciting and ever-changing time for our country. There's no better way to learn about our government and everything that goes into making laws in our country. It has been especially great to work for my own district in Maryland. I love being able to help the people who live around me be better represented in D.C. This internship experience has also helped me realize that working in politics in D.C. is the career path I want to pursue, and I cannot wait to return to the Hill next summer!
Carter Douglas '15

This summer I worked for an organization called Nasc, in Cork, Ireland. Nasc is an NGO that works with migrants and ethnic minorities and provides legal aid and assistance. They work to make sure migrants know their rights and have an understanding of Ireland's immigration system and processes. I specifically worked on family reunification applications and am currently working on a report for their hate crime and racial reports archive.
Grace Egan '16

I am did two things this summer: I worked at my college campus store, and I was a volunteer doula. The volunteer doula job was really interesting; I helped pregnant women through their labors and births! It's really awesome to be able to support women through their deliveries and provide them with accupressure for pain relief, as well as physical, mental, and emotional support. I am interested in working in the women's health field in the future, so it's great to be able to witness and get comfortable with labor and delivery, and also take steps toward my future career today.
Jenna Jaquez '16

While I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy, I grew to admire the high-quality and creative design of Italian-made products. I also became familiar with Salvatore Ferragamo, an Italian luxury goods brand whose headquarters were only steps away from my apartment. Once I returned to Wake Forest University for my junior year spring semester, I knew that I wanted to spend my summer doing something that could connect me back to my favorite city in the world, and I decided to apply for a summer internship at Salvatore Ferragamo. I had no previous experience in fashion, but my appreciation for Italian-made products that are a work of art made me interested in the challenge and opportunity that this internship could bring. Interning at Ferragamo was even more amazing than I had originally expected. My first week of work in the wholesale department was during market, where buyers from larger department stores like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom come into our showrooms to view the products. Almost daily, packages arrived from Italy for future collections that would not be in the store for another eight months, making me one of the first people to see and touch these stunning new items. Every day of work provided me with an exciting new challenge and an opportunity to learn. I did not want the summer to end!
Melina Jorizzo '15

I started off this summer touring Puerto Rico with my a capella group, The Duke's Men of Yale, which was a blast! We sang in a range of venues, from a late-night outdoor food venue to a church that was still supplying its community with relief from Hurricane Maria last year. Later in the summer, I took a coding crash course called Horizons, which is an intensive 12-week program that teaches you how to be a full-stack developer in JavaScript. It's been fun!
Francis Kigawa '17 [seen above with the Duke's Men on a trip earlier this spring]

This summer, I am interned at SiriusXM Radio in their Content Marketing department. Music and sports have always been passions of mine, both throughout my life and at SAS, and I've finally gotten to harness these interests in a professional setting. Some of the work I did included contractual overviews, brainstorming ideas for events, executing the obligations and desires of talent, and working with other departments within the company to ensure a fulfilling experience for SiriusXM subscribers. The highlight of my summer at SiriusXM was working an event at a U2 concert at the Apollo Theater! I really enjoyed my time at SiriusXM and hope to do more of this type of work in the future.
Nik Malhotra '17

I spent the summer in Memphis conducting research on avian malaria prevalence in raptors. I also worked as a chess coach for a small Memphis chess camp.
John McArthur '16

This summer I worked as a software developer and product manager in New York at LOLA, a feminine care startup. My project was the build out out an internal consumer insights platform to ensure all departments have the pertinent data and insights to inform their decisions. It was an amazing experience, and I also had fun brainstorming and discussing ideas with my former St. Andrew's advisor, John Burk.
Holley McShan '15

I participated in Summer Scholars at Tufts, a program that provides funding for independent research. I did research on biomaterials, such as hydrogels, which are compatible and can be used to bridge the gap between biological/electronic systems. My two ongoing projects are cell-electronics integration and selective lysis for pure genome extraction.
Han Nguyen '16

This summer I had the opportunity to work as an intern at Cartier in New York City, with both their Corporate Merchandising Team and in the Cartier Mansion on Fifth Avenue, after reaching out to [St. Andrew's parent] Mercedes Abramo P'18,'22 over email, and Mrs. Abramo sparing her valuable time to meet with me in Washington, D.C. to discuss my interest in the company. In the corporate office, I had the opportunity to shadow both the jewelry and watch merchandising teams in order to learn more about their role and duties within the luxury industry. In the mansion, which is the largest Cartier store in the world, I was immersed in a retail experience program, and shadowed employees in operations, watch, jewelry, and accessories sales; client experience; and the service salon to gain knowledge of their roles in the context of merchandising. I also assisted with store morning set-up, client sale and service interactions, and back-of-house replenishments.
Jas Southerland '17

This summer I interned for Oscar de la Renta in its Public Relations and Archives department. I am an art history major and communications minor at Hamilton College, so this internship has been a perfect combination of my various interests. In PR, my responsibilities included tracking the deliveries and returns of looks sent to various publications and VIPs. In the archives, I took inventory and organized garments, photographs, and videos from past collections.
Mason Sheridan '16

I spent the spring semester studying abroad at Universidad de Carlos III in Madrid, Spain with the Vassar-Wesleyan Program. One of my favorite parts of the program was living with my host mother and learning Spanish through conversation over dinner. Taking all my classes in Spanish definitely required an adjustment, but I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to completely immerse myself in the language and culture. Attending classes at a public Spanish university was a very different from seminars at Wesleyan, but I wouldn't have had the opportunity had I not gone to Madrid. I knew I wanted to continue working on my Spanish over the summer, so I found a family that lives in Barcelona who wanted someone to look after their children and teach them English for the summer! I was very lucky to be a part of this family and to continue to improve my Spanish fluency. Spain has been wonderful, but I'm excited to get back to Wesleyan to welcome the St. Andrew's alums to campus in the fall!
Livia Wallick '16

This summer I worked at a camp for kids with cancer. We tried to create a normal camp experience for kids who have led the most abnormal childhoods. The kids are great: high-energy and crazy. I had a great time.
Patrick Windels '17

I spent the summer working at the International Center for Transitional Justice in New York City, as part of my fellowship with the Madeleine K. Albright Institute at Wellesley College. As an intern with their Program Department, I provide research, graphic design, and writing support to their Gender Justice Division and am conducting the foundational research for designing a program related to racial injustice in the United States. For the Gender Justice program I worked on graphically designing, editing, and researching a training curriculum on gender-sensitive approaches to transitional justice. For my research on racial injustice in the US, I have mapped civil society groups and movements related to the ICTJ's potential work, compiled an archive of the ICTJ's past involvement in the US, and drafted the possible areas the ICTJ could provide support. I also occasionally provided research and curriculum support to my supervisor's class on Transitional Justice in the US at Columbia University's Institute for the Study of Human Rights.
Madeline Wood '15