ImPACT Baseline Concussion Testing Required for All New Students
Liz Torrey

At St. Andrew’s, student health is very important to us. One of the many ways we look out for the safety of our students is by having each student take an ImPACT Baseline Concussion test. The ImPACT Baseline test is a 20 to 30 minute computer-based test that measures the normal neurocognitive function of the student’s brain. The test remains valid for two years. In the unfortunate event that a student has a head injury, St. Andrew’s will coordinate with our sports medicine doctor to administer a second ImPACT test to compare to the Baseline test. This will allow our sports medicine team to determine if the student’s brain has suffered any neurocognitive impairments and helps us design a treatment plan specific to the student’s symptoms.  

This year, all baseline testing will be completed by the students at home during the summer. This allows the student to perform the test while well-rested, according to his or her own schedule, and ensures that all students will have valid baseline tests on record before arriving on campus. Within a few days, one parent in your household will be receiving an email directly from ImPACT (from with detailed instructions on how to take the ImPACT Baseline test. We can only send the link to one parent as it contains a unique customer code link specific to one student that does not permit us to send it to multiple people. Also, we are not sending the ImPACT Baseline testing links directly to new students because we do not have current email addresses for all new students, as we do for parents. Once you receive the email from ImPACT, you should then schedule a time with your child to take the test, and to make sure that the correct testing environment, as outlined in the email from ImPACT, is achieved. There is no charge to the parent or child for taking this test.

Because the information we receive from the ImPACT Baseline testing is so important to the recovery process of a student with a head injury, we are requiring that all student-athletes have a valid ImPACT Baseline test before they participate in sports. Students that come to St. Andrew’s having not taken the ImPACT Baseline test will not be permitted to attend sports practice until the test has been taken here at school.

Thank you so much for working with us to maximize the safety and care of your child!

Director of Athletics — Boys
Director of Sports Medicine
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
St. Andrew's School of Delaware

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