Creative, Cute, and Courageous SAS "Promposals"
Creative, Cute, and Courageous SAS "Promposals"
Julie Bennett ’15

Every year, St. Andrew's students organize three major dances for its students: Homecoming in October, Semi-Formal in February, and Prom in April. The entire student body is welcome to attend all three dances, and students work hard to ensure that the events are fun, stress-free, and inclusive. Each dance is governed by a particular set of ask "rules": for Homecoming, VI Formers (seniors) ask III Formers (freshmen) and V Formers (juniors) ask IV Formers (sophomores), with all dates assigned by members of the Student Weekend Activities Group. For Semi-Formal, girls ask their dates, and for Prom, boys ask their dates, with many dates "set up" by dorm Residential Leaders. Some people go with friends, some people go with the person they're dating, but everyone gets asked!

One major SAS tradition is the unique way in which students ask their dates to these events. About three weeks out from any of these events, campus begins to be abuzz with funny and cute "askings" orchestrated by students for their dates. Such elaborate askings are known as "promposals", but here at St. Andrew's, students don't limit themselves to just Prom. Here are some memorable SAS askings from recent years.

Study Hall Serenade

Back in 2012, III Form boys and girls used to gather for nightly study hall the Dining Hall. One night in the last five minutes of study hall, Alphonso Ramirez '15 burst out into a superb rendition of My Cherie Amour and serenaded Madeline Wood '15 to ask her to be his date for Prom. He got a big round of applause from the rest of the freshmen class, while Madeline turned a lovely shade of red and happily accepted his request.

Knit One, Purl Two .... Homecoming Three?

For Homecoming 2014, VI Former Izzy Navarro '15 employed one of her many talents—knitting—to ask fellow knitting enthusiast and III Former Samir Arrington '18 to be her date. Izzy knit a square with Samir's name on it and attached a sign that said "Homecoming?" Crafty!

Beatles Belltower

On St. Andrew's campus, the Chapel bells chime every half hour. However, a well kept SAS secret is that these bells are actually a recording played through a speaker. The thing about speakers is that you can plug in any musical device you'd like and they will project the desired sound or song, whether it be the chorus to the School anthem, or, say, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Henry Weaver '12 asked Lucy Iselin '12 to Prom 2012 by blasting this Beatles classic in place of the bells recording, and to top it all off he had the freshmen boys sing the chorus to her from the breezeway overtop the garth.

Prom by Candlelight

A lucky Meagan Green '11 was asked to Prom 2009 by Charlie Hughes '10 by means of a multitude of tiny candles arranged on our Front Lawn to spell out "prom". It was most definitely "lit".

Prom by Candlelight (The Sequel)

Apparently St. Andrew's students sure do love their candlelit promposals. Carolyn Dalrymple '12 lived on III Form girls dorm her VI Form year and Ike Amikiri '12 got all of her freshmen hall mates to line up outside the Dining Hall, hold candles, and read out some of Ike and Carolyn's memories from the past four years. Ike then held the last candle and asked her to be his date for prom.

Prom by Candlelight (It's a Trilogy!)

Meggie Luke '17 was quite surprised when she was invited down to the T-Dock by Nik Maholtra '17 one night before Prom 2016. When she arrived, he was waiting with a book of poetry he wrote himself. He read the poems to her out under the stars by candlelight, then asked her to prom, of course.

Hey There Delilah...

... what's it like at homecoming? Talented musicians Alphonso Ramirez '15 and Ted Park '15 asked Delilah Harvey '16 to Homecoming 2013 by singing her the well-known Plain White Tees song "Hey There Delilah". They sang to her near the end of study hall one night in the sophomore girls common room, and provided a well-deserved study break for Delilah and the rest of the IV Form girls to boot.

Is Katy Perry in the House?

During her years at SAS, Camy Hines '16 made it a habit of performing a show-stopping rendition of a Katy Perry song every year at Open Mic Night. This prompted John McArthur '16 to ask Camy in an announcement at School

These are only eight of the many many many glorious "askings" that have taken place over the years at St. Andrew's. Some askings are big and some are little, but all are cute, creative and heartfelt in their own particular way.