Choral Ensembles Perform Throughout Bermuda
Choral Ensembles Perform Throughout Bermuda
William Liu ’20

Students from St. Andrew's choral ensembles spent their first week of spring break in Bermuda for a singing tour. The vocalists participated in three performances over the course of the visit, feeling deeply engaged in Bermuda's culture and people. The faculty members who led the group were choral director Quinn Kerrane, Dan O'Connell, Sam Permutt, and Odile Jacob.

The program, entitled "Postcards," consisted of 15 songs sung in 14 different languages. During the trip, the Saints toured Somersfield Academy, where they met and exchanged songs with a class of kindergarteners. Saints performed first for the children, after which the children performed for the ensembles. Both groups shared a brief performance singing "A Million Dreams" from The Greatest Showman together. The Royal Gazette paper wrote an article recapping the visit!

The Saints ensembles also performed for 150 students at the Saltus School, where Noxontones member Billy Ewles '20 attended middle school. Still recognized by many students there, Billy and the group were warmly welcomed and enjoyed a fun visit. Then, the Saints students took a short walk to St. John's Church and performed their full program for the community to close the tour.

When not occupied with singing, participants enjoyed a pleasant vacation in Bermuda, visiting attractions such as St. George's, the Crystal Caves, Fort St. Catherine, an aquarium, and a zoo. Additionally, the Ewles and Gray families sponsored a glass bottom boat tour out to a shipwreck on the reefs. I (William Liu '20) utilized my free time to shoot a drone video of the island!

Students were hosted by a family, where they had a more in-depth interaction with local citizens. As Christine Chen '20 reflected: "The host family experience brought us even closer, not just to each other, but to our hosts and all they represent. Staying with someone who lives there and being accepted into their homes felt like we were a part of Bermuda too." Although the Saints vocalists were exhausted by the end, everyone enjoyed the great opportunity of traveling abroad together. As a community, we gained a sense of accomplishment from having our voices heard by people far beyond home.

One of the best ways to learn a culture is through communication with its people, and the host family experience was thought of by many as one of the highlights of this tour. Thank you again to these wonderful hosts: Mary and Mike Ewles (parents of Billy '20), Ali and Will Gray (parents of Will '18), Laura and Alec Cutler (parents of Laura '15), Paula and Michael Maguire (parents of Erin '08, Sophia '11, and Daniel '14), Keitney and Alan Marshall '74, Senga and Mike Tait, and Colleen and Tim Ahl (parents of Grayson '15).