St. Andrew’s Sows Seeds in the Cycle Of Learning
Avi Gold

St. Andrew’s is an educational incubator. Our motto “Faith & Learning” is not mere words carved into our walls almost a century ago, but rather is a call to action that we take up with zeal every day! St. Andrew’s is a school that fosters the art of teaching and learning, for everyone in our community, not just the students. As teachers we are constantly refining our process and deepening our understanding and commitment to the art of teaching

Dean of Teaching and Learning Elizabeth Roach mentors the faculty in the art of teaching and learning every day. In a weekly reflection she writes: 

“Then, we—as a community—can construct a narrative that celebrates academic intensity and excitement, a narrative that energizes and inspires, a narrative that is full of creativity and discovery and the love of learning.” 

Religious Studies teacher Jason Kunen constructed this narrative in a powerful way this week when he and his colleague, Steven Mufuka, took their classes to Haverford College to co-teach a class with Mr. Kunen’s mentor and teacher, Dr. Gangadean. Dr. Gangadean sowed seeds of a passion for learning years ago when he taught Mr. Kunen. The cycle of learning has come full circle with these two educators bringing St. Andrew’s students to Haverford to co-teach and learn from each other. Together they are sowing seeds in the next generation of St. Andreans. We don’t yet know how our SAS students will grow, but with ground as fertile as this, there is no doubt that they will flourish!

Jason Kunen reflects on the experience here: “My Global Wisdom class went to Haverford College in order to take part in a college level philosophy class, Global Ethics, given by my mentor Dr. Ashok Gangadean. During this class, students discussed the need for Global Dialogue in a monologue World using the framework of his Seven Stages of Deep Dialogue. He and I co-taught the class and bridged our studies together, making connections to Plato, Descartes, Kant, and other philosophers.”

Amrit Chapman ’21 and Belle Shiffman ’21 share their experience this way:
“It was such a cool experience to finally meet Gandgadean after two years of hearing about his amazing work. We also loved sitting in on a college class and getting a taste of what college is like! It was exciting to get to participate during the class and getting to have a proximate conversation with him after class.”

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