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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12


In 1929, the School's Founder, A. Felix duPont, wrote:

The purpose of St. Andrew's School is to provide secondary education of a definitely Christian character at a minimum cost consistent with modern equipment and highest standards.

We continue to cultivate in our students a deep and lasting desire for learning, a willingness to ask questions and pursue skeptical, independent inquiry and an appreciation of the liberal arts as a source of wisdom, perspective and hope. We encourage our students to do the work of scholars, artists and scientists and to develop those expressive and analytical skills necessary for effective communication, judicious consideration of multiple points of view and for meaningful lives as engaged citizens. We seek to help our students develop a passion for intellectual pursuits such that each student feels inspired to develop and pursue their individual talents.

Our students and faculty live in a residential community founded on ethical principles and Christian beliefs. We expect our faculty and staff to make our students’ interests primary, to maintain professional roles with students and to act as role models at all times, to set and maintain healthy boundaries with students, to encourage student autonomy and independence, to act transparently with students, and to support each student’s developmental growth and social integration at the School. Our students collaborate with dynamic adults and pursue their passions in a co-curriculum that includes athletics, community service and the arts. We encourage our students to find the balance between living in and contributing to the community and developing themselves as leaders and individuals.

As an Episcopal School, St. Andrew’s is grounded in and upheld by our Episcopal identity, welcoming persons regardless of their religious background. We are called to help students explore their spirituality and faith as we nurture their understanding and appreciation of all world religions.

We urge students to be actively involved in community service with the understanding that all members of the community share responsibility for improving the world in which we live. We seek to inspire in our students a commitment to justice, peace and respect for every human being.

St. Andrew’s is committed to the sustainability and stewardship of its land, water and other natural resources. We honor this commitment by what we teach and by how we live in community and harmony with the natural world.

On our campus, students, faculty and staff from a variety of backgrounds work together to create a vibrant and diverse community. St. Andrew’s exceptional financial aid program makes this possible, enabling the School to admit students regardless of their financial needs.