Student Leadership

As a small school, St. Andrew's provides remarkable leadership opportunities for each student in every aspect of School life. Students find many openings to serve on committees and grow as leaders in academics, athletics, the arts, dormitories and community service. Living with and emulating teachers and peers who demonstrate honesty, discipline, generosity, and creativity, our students learn to assume responsibility with grace and integrity. They collaborate with the faculty to create a School culture that is dynamic, responsible, and innovative, and graduate as young men and women well prepared to be leaders in their college and adult communities.



Students serve as elected leaders and class representatives on the following committees:

  • Class Presidents/Residential Life Committee
  • Honor Committee
  • Discipline Committee
  • Social Activities Committee
  • Athletic Committee
  • Decorum Committee
  • Food Committee
  • Community Service Committee 
Chapel Leadership Roles:
  • Student Vestry
  • Chapel Monitors
  • Acolytes
  • Lectors
  • Communion Assistants
  • Sunday School Teachers
  • Sacristans