Living as a Community

The best education provides learning not only from books but also from relationships--with peers and mentors in an academic community.

Since our founding in 1929, St. Andrew's has established a deep commitment to being a school open to all, regardless of means. As a school of opportunity, St. Andrew's provides significant financial aid each year to over 45 percent of our students. Our student body, therefore, is truly diverse. Our students come to St. Andrew's from many racial, cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds.

What our students share is a great enthusiasm and love for their School, a deep commitment to scholarship and a dynamic approach to their co-curricular activities. Living and working here is exciting, challenging and enriching. Students and visitors immediately sense what we value most in our community. Our mission encourages us to be responsible for ourselves and each other, and to be accepting and kind to one another.

Celebrating and nurturing the qualities of good will, civility, empathy and humanity, St. Andrew's is a remarkably friendly and warm place. We hope you will visit us and experience St. Andrew's school life for yourself.