Community Service

St. Andrew's student-lead community service program lies at the center of the School's commitment to developing habits of service in our students. We believe strongly that students should serve others because they want to, not because they have to (i.e. in order to fulfill a School requirement); for this reason, all student service work is voluntary. St. Andrew's offers students numerous opportunities to serve on the local, regional, and national or international levels, and over 70% of our students are involved in community service projects each year. Depending on the project, students may participate in programs individually, as a part of teams or organizations on campus, as dormitory groups, as a Form, and occasionally, as an entire School. All School service projects are selected and directed by a student committee (and supervised by a group of faculty).

Just going and doing service, say, forty minutes a week—that’s not really what we’re talking about in our mission statement. What we’re talking about is having a heart that is oriented toward serving other people.

Chaplain Jay Hutchinson

Tuesday afternoon service

No classes are held on Tuesday afternoons; during this time, students may elect to participate in one of a number of ongoing Tuesday service opportunities in our local community. Tuesday afternoon service include:

  • mentoring or tutoring local elementary and middle school students;
  • leading creative or athletic activities at the Middletown Boys & Girls Club; or
  • giving swim lessons to physically and mentally challenged children in the St. Andrew's pool.

Other weekly services opportunities include Friday night trips with faculty to serve dinner in homeless shelters in Wilmington, and teaching Sunday School to children attending services in the St. Andrew's Chapel.

annual service projects

Students also participate in semi-regular or annual School service events, such as:

  • food and material goods donation drives for people in need;
  • letter-writing campaigns;
  • fundraiser 5Ks and footraces;
  • local road clean-up;
  • blood drives;
  • Salvation Army bell-ringing;
  • Delaware Special Olympics events; and
  • service-learning trips within the U.S. and abroad. Recent trips have taken students to China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, New Orleans, and South Africa.
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