Warner Gallery

The Warner Gallery welcomes visitors to the O'Brien Arts Center, which opened to the public in October 2004 with an exhibition of 20th Century American masterworks from the Payson Collection. Each year, four visiting artist exhibitions are on view to the St. Andrew's community and the public in the Warner Gallery. Each exhibition opens with a reception and gallery talk by the artist.

For more information, please call Mr. John McGiff at (302) 285-4215.

Forest Woodward / Food Chains
April 11 - May 3, 2014

Artist Statement:

Raised by Woodwards and tamed by wolves, I am haunted by the allure of point breaks and powder days, steep creeks and tall peaks; I am a hunter gatherer of natural light and candid moments. With an appetite whet with a taste of the unknown and the smell of home, I wander a path paved by open minds and trusting eyes, guided by willing feet...

...and a desire to bring you with me.

From my early days drinking fixer in the dark room, learning zone system and processing 4x5 negatives, to recent trips documenting surf culture in NYC, migrant farm workers in Napa, rock climbing in South Africa, or the street kids of Rio’s Carnival, my pursuit of new experiences pushes me to continually evolve my vision, while reminding me of the importance of carrying my camera with humor, compassion and curiosity.

 For more of Forest's work, visit his site at www.forestwoodward.com.

Ben Fiess / new landscapes
January 17 - February 15, 2014

Artist Statement:

I am interested in my response to daily stimuli and the subsequent creation of harmonious compositions of materials, forms, and surfaces. I seek to communicate realizations of what I personally believe to be interesting and congruous material arrangements and spatial orders, using the work as an exploration into a personally affected environment. In the process of creating and assessing my work I seek to further clarify my own criteria used for evaluating my environment. I have found that my reaction to an object in my surroundings may have a lasting impact on my aesthetic preferences even though it may not be consciously recognized at the time, only later emerging as a visual motif in my work. 

 For more of Ben's work, visit his site at www.bfiess.com.

Dylan Critchfield-Sales
The Nature of Seeing: Landscape, Figure and Interior
September 13 - October 13, 2013

Artist Statement:

"The vision of the artist is the vision to see and the ability to tell the world something that it unconsciously thinks about nature. He must show people more than they already see and he must show them with so much human sympathy and understanding that they will recognize it as if they themselves had seen the beauty and the glory. It is our job to tell the world something about these things that it has not known before, some impression that we alone have received." — Charles Hawthorne

 For more of Dylan's work, visit his site at dylancritchfield.com.