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“To learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same." — Martha Graham

The St. Andrew's dance program is designed to provide the highest level of instruction in classical ballet and modern dance while facilitating dance in other aspects of campus life. Students will explore their own personal creativity and artistry through the exploration of movement.

The program offers dance for every student from the beginner with no previous experience to those with years of dance training. The Introduction to Dance class inspires an appreciation for dance while preparing each student for more in depth study of dance technique. Basic dance elements are addressed such as line, form, body placement, movement quality, musicality, muscle control and artistic expression. Further advanced Ballet and Modern classes delve deeper into dance technique refining the student’s use of core control, movement quality, body placement and aesthetic line. An emphasis is placed on increasing strength, agility, coordination, flexibility and stamina while nurturing self-expression and artistic freedom. 

All III Form students have the opportunity to learn dance through the Introduction to the Arts class.

The dance program also facilitates dance through other opportunities on campus including:

  • Assisting with the choreography for the school’s Winter Musical
  • Offering Fall & Spring dance classes as an athletic alternative
  • Coordinating dance performances throughout the school year
  • Working with the Dance Club

The program is always looking for new ways for students to explore and experience dance in their lives. 

To learn more about the St. Andrew’s Dance program, please contact Director of Dance, Avi Gold at