Admission on the Road

Throughout the year members of our Admission Team travel to attend school fairs and parent and alumni receptions. We also schedule additional meetings with interested students and parents while we are in your region. Please contact the Admission Office for details about an event or to make an appointment to meet us while we are on the road. If you can't make it to our campus, meeting you on the road is the next best thing!

Below is our Fall 2016 travel schedule.  Check back often for updates and additions.

 Sept. 10  Englewood, NJ  NJ Seeds Fair
 Sept. 10
 Newark, NJ
 Wight Foundation Fair
 Sept. 12  New York City  DeLaSalle Academy
 Sept. 12  New York City  Parents' League Fair
 Sept. 12   Baltimore, MD  St. Ignatius School Fair
 Sept. 14   Baltimore, MD  Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Reception
 Sept. 18  Washington, DC  Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Reception
 Sept. 20  Greenwich, CT  Greenwich Secondary School Fair
 Sept. 21  Bedford, NY  Rippowam Cisqua School Fair
 Sept. 22
 Far Hills, NJ
 Far Hills Country Day School Fair
 Sept. 24  New York City  Inspiring Young Minds
 Sept. 25
 Austin, TX
 Trinity School Fair
 Sept. 27
 Akron, OH 
 Old Trail School Fair
 Sept. 28
 Canton, OH
 Canton Country Day School Fair
 Oct. 3
 Greensboro, NC
 Canterbury School Fair
 Oct. 3
 Raleigh, NC
 St. Timmothy's School Fair
 Oct. 3
 Downes Grove, IL
 Avery Coonley School Fair
 Oct. 3
 Hartford, CT
 Renbrook School Fair
 Oct. 3  Baltimore, MD  Calvert School Fair
 Oct. 5  Boulder, CO  Boulder Country Day School Fair
 Oct. 5  Lake Forest, IL     Lake Forest Country Day School Fair
 Oct. 5   Ridgefield, CT  Ridgefield Academy Fair
 Oct. 5   Lexington, KY  Lexington School Fair
 Oct. 5  Charlotte, NC  Trinity Episcopal School Fair
 Oct. 5  Newtown, PA  Newtown Friends School Fair
 Oct. 6  Denver, CO  Graland School Fair
 Oct. 6  Harford, CT  Independent Day School Fair
 Oct. 6  Bethesda, MD  Norwood School Fair
 Oct. 7  Denver, CO  Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Reception
 Oct. 8  Aspen, CO  Aspen Country Day School Fair
 Oct. 13  Charleston SC  Charleston Day School Fair
 Oct. 13  Harford, MD  Harford Day School Fair
 Oct. 13  Pittsburgh, PA  St. Edmund's School 
 Oct. 13  Phila. PA  Gesu High School Fair
 Oct. 17   Wayne, PA  Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Reception
 Oct. 24  Houston, TX  Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Reception
 Oct. 25  Austin, TX  Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Reception
 Oct. 26  Chicago, IL  Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Reception
 Nov. 29  New York City  St. Andrew's School Reception

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