Technology at St. Andrew's

Technology plays a key role in a St. Andrew’s education.  Access to the best software and hardware allows our community to research, collaborate, and learn more effectively.  Access to state of the art facilities and programs allows our students to pursue a variety of academic and extracurricular interests as well as preparing them with technology skills they will need in college and beyond.

Some of the exciting ways St. Andrew’s students use technology include:
  • Editing student films and publications in our state of the art media lab
  • Composing and editing music with the virtual orchestra and synthesizers in our digital music studio
  • Modeling and analyzing experimental data using Vernier LoggerPro in our science laboratories
  • Using SKYPE to communicate with students in other countries as part of the modern language curriculum
  • Using Google Earth to experience a high-resolution virtual tour of foreign architecture in Art History
  • Pursuing an interest in program design by enrolling in one of the Computer Science electives.
  • Tackling challenging equations or presenting research using Smartboards
  • Collaborating with teachers and fellow students using email and Moodle online courseware
  • Borrowing one of the library’s many Kindles, iPads or digital cameras for recreational or classroom use or using one of the library’s 25 research databases for class.

The Technology Department at St. Andrew’s strives to maintain top-of-the-line resources so that our students can utilize technology to the fullest, both in and out of the classroom.

Email and Network Access

All students are provided with a FirstClass email account so they can collaborate with peers and teachers as well as communicate with home.  Students have access to a personal account on the network where they can store files, as well as a public network over which they can share music, videos, and photographs.


St. Andrew’s maintains over 100 computers and printers for student use in the dorms, classrooms, and computer labs around campus.  Students can plug in to a wired network in dozens of locations around campus.  In addition, wireless networks exist in several zones throughout campus to give students access on their laptops.

Student Computers

Though the school provides ample resources, most students choose to bring their own computer to campus. To support these students, St. Andrews’ networks are fully accessible to all student computers and operating systems.  To aid in troubleshooting, the St. Andrew’s Technology Department employs a full-time certified Apple repair technician and can handle most repairs of PCs and Macs in-house.

Acceptable Use

Each member of the community signs a pledge to only use the school computing system for legal, positive, and productive purposes.