Senior Tutorial Program


Sixth Form students with a demonstrated commitment to independent work have the option of taking a spring tutorial. These reading- and writing-intensive courses are specially designed by faculty in a range of disciplines for three students or fewer. Tutorials meet less frequently than regular seminar classes, but students read more and write weekly essays, which they then read aloud and critique with their teachers and classmates in the spirit of the Oxford tutorial method.

Students taking tutorials have a degree of independence that more closely approximates the collegiate experience, as they sharpen skills of research, written and oral argumentation and problem-solving. Tutorials also allow students to pursue their own academic and artistic interests and to demonstrate, through their weekly essays, their mastery of a given field. Most important, they offer students a culminating academic experience and a final opportunity to work intimately with a teacher and mentor on the faculty. More than 20 tutorials are offered each year.

Past Tutorial Lists:

Tutorials 2013

Tutorials 2014

Tutorials 2015  

Recent Tutorial Offerings:

  • Cryptography: War, Online Shopping and Mathematics
  • U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Latin America: Cuba - A Case Study
  • "The Seeds of All Good and Evil": Irish Literature, History and Culture
  • Humanism and the Italian Renaissance
  • Eight Days That Changed Western Music
  • A Natural and Human History of the Upper Appoquinimink River, Delaware and Vicinity
  • Quantum Indeterminacy and its Interpretations