T he St. Andrew's academic program reflects those qualities of mind we value most: thoughtfulness, inquisitiveness, creativity and a respect for rigorous scientific inquiry. These values find expression in a sequence of requirements in the core subject areas of English, history, science, mathematics, classical and modern languages, religious studies and the arts; a commitment, particularly in the early years, to the teaching of writing, critical reasoning and scientific investigation, and a deep belief in the world's religious, philosophical and artistic traditions as a lasting source of wisdom and hope.

Of course, what will be missing from any description of our program—and what only a visit to St. Andrew's can provide—is the extraordinary vitality of our academic culture. Here you will see classrooms, laboratories and art studios that are lively, playful and intellectually serious; assessments that are creative and challenging and which have been tested against the best practices of colleges and universities; and students who are motivated, curious and deeply engaged in their work.

Indeed, it is this high level of academic engagement—a quality most educational research suggests is a precondition for success in college and professional life—that most distinguishes our graduates. At St. Andrew's students don't just "study" art, science and history; they work, under the careful guidance of our faculty, as apprentice artists and scholars. As they do, they discover the joys and pleasure of authentic inquiry—an experience, we hope, that will sustain them throughout their lives.