College Counseling


Our college counselors help students follow their dreams. At St. Andrew's, students develop a lasting desire for learning, explore their spirituality and faith, pursue their passions in athletics and the arts, serve the community, and seek to make a profound difference in the world. We help our students pursue those visions in the years following St. Andrew's.

Each student has worked hard to be part of and to contribute to St. Andrew's, and will bring amazing talents and skills to his or her next community. Our low counselor to senior ratio allows us to provide personal, compassionate counseling as students reflect on what paths to follow. We advise them how to most efficiently use their valuable time and energy. We help them tell their story. We build strong relationships with colleges and help them to see our students' strengths. We work closely with families, and welcome ideas and questions from parents and students of every grade. Incredible opportunities to learn, to grow and to serve await our students at the conclusion of their St. Andrew's careers. We are excited to be their allies as they discover these opportunities.

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St. Andrew's School Profile 2015-2016


Where are our alumni?

New York University 12
Wesleyan University 11
Davidson College 9
Duke University 9
Harvard University 9
Williams College 9
Wake Forest University 8
Dickinson College 7
The Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 7
Trinity College 7
Univ. of Delaware 6
Haverford College 6
Johns Hopkins Univ. 6
Univ. of Virginia 6
Bates College 5
Colorado College 5
Franklin & Marshall College 5
Northeastern Univ. 5
Northwestern Univ. 5
Sewanee: Univ. of the South 5
Swarthmore College 5
Yale University 5
Columbia Univ. 4
Cornell Univ. 4
The George Washington Univ. 4
Princeton Univ. 4
Vassar College 4

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