Academic Support

For many students arrival to boarding school brings with it the challenges of increased expectations and responsibilities, new types of learning, reading and writing. From the beginning of the year students can discuss strategies for their work with their advisor and their form Academic Advisor.

Study Hall

A two-hour period each evening is allotted for study purposes. Third Form students study in the dining hall or dormitory rooms, the IV Form in their dormitory rooms, and upper form students may work in the library, classrooms, or other places of study, subject to the rules of their own Form and dormitory. By the middle of October after the first set of teacher reports, a supervised study hall is available for students who, on recommendation of their teachers, advisor, or academic advisor, would benefit from a more structured study environment.

Faculty Tutoring

Each member of the faculty is available for tutorials for students in their classes.

Peer Tutoring

Student tutors are available in some disciplines. Students should contact their teacher or form academic advisor to be assigned a peer tutor.

Learning Differences and Accommodations

Prior to a new student's arrival in the fall, parents should contact the Academic Dean, Nathan Costa, at , if any previous learning differences have been identified for their child and should submit any relevant evaluations.

Testing for learning differences may be recommended over the course of a school year to help a child learn more about his/her learning style, strengths, and weaknesses. Testing reports also will provide recommendations to the School.

These recommendations will be reviewed by the Academic Dean and by members of the Academic Support Group, composed of Associate Academic Dean Tom Fritz, the Director of Wellness, Testing Coordinator, consulting educational psychologist and organizational coach. This group will offer guidance as to how and whether the requests for accommodations may be implemented by the School.

Instructions regarding the evaluation and approved accommodations will be provided by the Academic Dean to all faculty who teach or advise the student.

The process for applying for extended time on College Board examinations is managed by the Registrar/Coordinator of Testing and should be begun several months in advance of a desired testing date. Please contact Cynthia Poarch at  for more information.

Outside Tutoring

Parents may choose to hire outside tutors to provide academic support during the summer or School vacations. Such tutors may not work with students when they are in session at St. Andrew's.