Welcome from the Headmaster

I AM PROUD THAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT ST. ANDREW'S as you begin the exciting process of researching, visiting and applying to secondary schools. Our website will introduce the School to you, but I very much hope you will visit St. Andrew's and learn how unique and distinctive this School actually is. My office is right outside the Admission office. I look forward to meeting you personally and talking to you about your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

As you probably know, a very small percentage of American high school students choose to go away to school. Perhaps a few of your best friends or relatives have asked you why you would want to go to boarding school, why you would want to leave your home and local communities to live and study in Delaware or some other state. The answer to these very good or very normal questions can be reduced to one word—opportunity. St. Andrew's will provide you with the opportunity to live with and learn from a bright, energetic, diverse faculty who have chosen to teach here because of the strong connections and relationships they create with students.

I think you will find these teachers to be remarkable not only in the classroom, studio, theatre and athletic fields; they are also great advisors, role models and companions to students. I have found that the single, greatest key to a student's success and happiness at St. Andrew's is having strong, enduring relationships with teachers. I invite you to meet some of our faculty when you visit our campus or to read about them in our Faculty Directory.

If you take on the opportunity of St. Andrew’s, you will embark on a life changing adventure.

St. Andrew's will also provide you with the opportunity to meet students from a wide variety of backgrounds, races, and cultures. You will be amazed how diverse St. Andrew's students are. You will be inspired to find a group of young men and women who view education and boarding school as a wonderful opportunity. You will learn more, grow more by studying and living with young men and women who will pull you away from the homogeneity and conformity of so many school cultures.

Finally, St. Andrew's will provide you with an opportunity to create and contribute to one of the best educational cultures in the United States. Here stands a high school, a private school open to all regardless of family income. Here stands a boarding school that seeks to create an academic community that is intelligent, discerning and engaged in the pursuit of knowledge. Here stands a boarding school that seeks to create a human community that is warm, accepting, compassionate and intelligent. Here you would have the wonderful opportunity to sustain and deepen the St. Andrew's ethos and its identity as a counter-cultural school.

If you attend St. Andrew's, we will push you, extend you, and challenge you in ways you have never experienced. Your teachers and coaches will ask a lot of you; your advisor will encourage you to make deep and enduring commitments to our co-curricular and community service programs. We are convinced that young men and women develop self-confidence and leadership skills when they have the opportunity to face new challenges and set ambitious goals for themselves. If you take on the opportunity of St. Andrew's, you will embark on a life changing adventure. I look forward to meeting you and giving you a chance to see our beautiful campus and talk with our students and teachers. We think you will like what you find here.

— Daniel T. Roach, Jr.